The Wraparound Window Workspace

The Wraparound Window Workspace

Re_on has a gorgeous, huge window with a lovely view…so he set up his workspace right in front of it. It’s beautiful, simple, and despite the lack of curtains, not a bad place to work. Let’s check out some more photos.

To be fair, re_on notes in the Reddit thread linked below (permalink here for this comment) that while you might be wondering what people see when they look in, you don’t have to:

There are curtains for the evening and night, but this is a temporary situation. I just had new windows and the frame installed, so I am thinking about what to do next. I have some extra daytime curtains, but I will need to install an extra rail for it. Either this, or I will apply some blurring sheets to the lower part of the window as I had on my old windows. Still need to wait for the painter to finish his work some time soon though.

Fortunately, no people live on the other side at this part of the street. The building in front of me is a realtor which barely uses the second floor and the rest are all businesses who only use their second floors for storage.

That’s a relief! But aside from that sharp-looking NZXT H440 case (which I was considering for my recent build), the rest of the specs are mentioned in responses to the thread below, most specifically the Ahrend 700 desk the whole setup is resting on, the Abe Kislevitz wallpaper on the display, the Logitech G100s mouse, the M-Audio speakers, and the Realforce 87U keyboard in the center of the whole thing. Here’s another shot from the side:

And one more with that friendly plant there to the right.

The whole setup looks pretty nice and simple, and while sure, it’s not packed with expensive tech or anything, it’s a great place to sit down, get some work done, and be inspired. If you dig it too, head over to the thread linked below, and give re_on an upvote while you’re there. Let him know we sent you!

If you have a workspace of your own to show off, share them with us by adding it to our Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Flickr pool. Make sure any photos you include are at least 1280×720. Keeping them to 16:9 helps, too! Include a little text about the stuff you used, how you came up with the design, and any other relevant details. If your clever organization and good design sense catches our eye, you might be the next featured workspace!

PC Setup November 2016 | Imgur via Reddit

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