Remains of the Day: Apple Wants Your Mom to Star in an iPhone Ad

Does your mom love Apple? Do you love your mom? Do you both love advertisements? Great news! Apple made a site that lets you insert your mom into their recent Mother’s Day commercial.

  • It’s called Moms Shot on iPhone. Dot Com. I know a certain special mother who will be shedding tears of joy this weekend after receiving her very own Apple ad… well, shedding some kind of tears. [MacRumors]
  • Lets stick with this ads and tech trend for a second. Here’s a Chrome extension from Mini Cooper that fast forwards through videos. Fast… like a car! Wow! It supports YouTube, Facebook videos, and Netflix. Vroom vroom! If the car is half as fast as these videos, then I’ve got to head to the dealership pronto!
  • Want more? Starbucks now has a keyboard for iOS. You can use it to text Starbucks-related emoji. Fun, silly apps as a way to push a brand aren’t a bad idea, like getting a toy in your cereal box, but a novelty keyboard seems more work than its worth. By the way, Cracker Jack toys are literally apps now. [TechCrunch]
  • Finally, here’s a charming meeting of brands, technology, and beer: The Cleveland Cavaliers partnered with Budweiser and DODOCase to create a cardboard VR viewer that doubles as a dual-can holder. The beer goggles were distributed at their playoff game. My proclivity for beer and virtual reality doesn’t suggest any sense of desperate escapism, does it? [9to5Google]
  • Hulu is getting into documentaries. There are, of course, already documentaries on the site, but now they’re launching a series of exclusive films. They’re first acquisition is a documentary about the Beatles from Ron Howard. It will premiere in theaters though. [The Verge]

Time to head into the weekend Craig Wright-style and get offline.