Halloween Costume Winner: Gumby Loving Dog Viral Video

Halloween Costume Winner: Gumby Loving Dog Viral Video

A user on Reddit, Jram1818 may have just won Halloween. That’s because he dressed up in a full Gumby costume with a little toy golden retriever.

Don’t get it? Neither did a lot of people when the Halloween costume pics were posted under the submission “When you dress up as a viral video that came out 24 hours earlier and nobody gets it.”

The video in question is the one below which we featured on Break. In it we see a happy dog who has a favorite chew toy; a small Gumby doll. Only when his owner comes out dressed in a full Gumby costume the dog completely loses his mind.

While it may take some time to explain to people that he is not just “Gumby”  – the iconic 1950’s Claymation man, but a tribute to the video of a dog who loves Gumby. In other words it’s a real hipster costume. Still we will let that pass and declare him the winner of Halloween this year. Sorry David S. Pumpkins. 

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