Divas Beyonce And Sonam Kapoor's Coldplay Video Blasted: 'Stereotypical Portrayal' Of India's Culture

Divas Beyonce And Sonam Kapoor's Coldplay Video Blasted: 'Stereotypical Portrayal' Of India's Culture

Beyonce, Sonam Kapoor and Coldplay Video Blasted

From the looks of it, Coldplay is getting the cold shoulder. 

The British group, featuring frontman, Chris Martin, released its music video on Friday. “Hymn for the Weekend” is the second single off the band’s A Head Full of Dreams album. The lyrics are endearing, the footage breathtaking, and it features actress, Sonam Kapoor and R&B songstress, Beyonce Knowles aka Mrs. Carter.

Oddly, even with the assemblage of music and Bollywood — and two hot divas — some detractors on Twitter found varying reasons to slam the video. Many commenters upset over Coldplay’s video accuse the band, director, and women of exploiting Indian culture with “stereotypical” portrayals, which sparked a different debate.

Sonam makes a cameo in the vid while Beyonce has a larger role with vocals. They are both dressed in traditional Hindu garb that complements the video. Segments are filmed in Mumbai during Holi or the Festival of Colors.

There are varying reasons the occasion is celebrated, depending on the region of India. For the most part, the Fiesta “commemorates various events in Hindu mythology and is time of disregarding social norms and indulging in general merrymaking.”

In “Hymn,” Martin portrays a tourist and explores the city, its people, music, dance, and culture. Sonam walks among Indian ruins, and Beyonce looks like a Hindu goddess. She dons colorful garb and has henna on her hands.

Enter the harsh critics of the Coldplay’s new video, one who compared the project to the movie, Slumdog Millionaire.

“Just because it’s Beyonce, doesn’t mean she’s right. She is being offensive and appropriating our culture.”

“No thanks for the bundle of stereotypes @coldplay. No wonder then that India will be known as the country of snake charmers & sadhus.”

On a positive note, Bey gets a look; two people offered another side of her appearance in the video.

“Beyonce showed India in many ways and made it look beautiful and lovely. She portrayed India excellently. As an Indian, I loved it.”

“All this ‘cultural appropriation’ talk. If anything, the video showcases the beauty of India. No need for all the drama,” one user tweeted in support.

Meanwhile, Martin and the boys are gearing up for the performance of their lifetimes. Coldplay is on tap to play during halftime in Super Bowl 50. However, the announcement was met with criticism; some think they were the wrong choice.

In a recent interview with CBS News Sunday Morning, Chris responded to remarks about their deserving the honor.

“Well, I think anybody when you start a band your purpose is to never offend anybody. And you get to a certain level of success, and it’s apparent that you have offended some people. It took me, and I think it took us a while to let that all go.”

Oh, by the way, Sonam’s nickname is inspired by a bird that appeared on her head in a song for the film, Delhi 6.

Share your comments below. Did or didn’t Beyonce and Kapoor do the video justice?

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